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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Five minutes with Antonella Imbimbo

Name: Denise Valentine model name real name Antonella Imbimbo
Age: 23
Hometown: Milton Keynes 
Occupation: Supervisor at a Sandwich bar in Milton keynes

Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm an outgoing individual who loves to go out with her best friends I'm a traveller and love to visit different countries as well as try different foods. I'm very passionate about photography also as I've graduated in that last year.

What sparked your interest in modelling?
Well three years ago when i started the whole photography course I decided to get extra cash by modelling, then i didn't know what genre best suited me, so i experimented with all types from gore to pin up and found out pin up was the theme I loved to model all the quirky dresses and fun poses I get to do, i would love to get into burlesque too love their outfits.

Can you please give an account of your experience in the fashion industry and as a petite model?

It's a tough industry to get into especially if your only 5ft tall i want to represent one of the many models who can say I've got many modelling jobs and want to get more petite awareness out there, that we can stand out from the crowd too. Height doesn't matter it's what images you portray and you can still look tall on camera. Also feel strongly about not being a size zero I'm a healthy size 10 and happy to be in this body shape.

Did you face any challenges or setbacks? And if so could you please state what they were?

The latex fashion has not accepted any of my offers as a model, because i'm too small apparently, then again I can look great in pvc so i proved some people wrong, and like to do that a lot: D I like to show that you don't need to be 5ft 10 to fit in this industry. There’s a lot of competition between models and I think that's what makes you stronger and wiser to not take crap from anyone 

How did you overcome these challenges/setbacks?

By being strong minded and just keep your head high, carrying on with what I love the most, and not listening to other people's opinions or bitchiness they have to say about you, many models may think that you need to be a certain height for catwalk and that's fair enough, but there's more short women than tall women these days. so therefore feel that we can take over fashion, and what real women are.

Can you please give your opinion on the strict requirements that are present throughout the fashion industry (for example, height, weight and body shape)? 

I think this strictness on height weight is a load of rubbish, because real women are what they are, curvy and beautiful. I think if you love yourself the way you are you look better in a photograph confidence shines through, plus the photographer whose shooting you will notice and you will get better images from him/her. 

Why do you feel that it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

Some people think that you need to exercise everyday to look size zero, but I'm happy as I'am and no woman is, sometimes we need to lose a bit of weight to feel better about ourselves, but it's also better to keep healthy and eat because you wouldn't want to lose your womanly figure men love a shapely women i like to think so. Some people may think differently.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I love to be a petite model I want  to raise more awareness of what we are and how many women who are told they're too short to model is not right, and can do it too. If there's a will there's a way :)

Thank you very much Antonella.

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