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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Five minutes with Danielle Lincoln

Name: Danielle (dee) Lincoln
Age: 20
Hometown: Largs 

Tell us a bit about yourself: I danced competitive dancing for 13 years, do part-time modelling, & love my social life to the max. My life would be nothing without my friends.

What sparked your interest in modelling? To be honest, Its not something I ever thought I could do!! Being 5"4, all you see are these skinny 5"11 girls everywhere and that’s the industry. Then a photographer spotted me at an awards ceremony in Glasgow & suggested it. I guess I could thank that photographer for getting me here!

Can you please give an account of your experience in the fashion industry and as a petite model? All I have mostly done is photoshoots, I have never done actual jobs as I find it hard to get anywhere!

Can you please give your opinion on the strict requirements that are present throughout the fashion industry (for example, height, weight and body shape)?  I think the fashion industry is shown in a bad way, & there restrictions are unfair & makes a lot of girls the way they are. These girls are shown as idols & they shouldn’t be. Even though they are amazing at what they do & always look perfect. that’s the problem ! its not perfect. Underweight etc isn’t a good thing.

Why do you feel that it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle? I feel that keeping a healthy lifestyle is the way of life. Some exercise etc & of course healthy eating. Not eating at all. Modelling is about showing real people? 

Thank you Danielle.

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