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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Five minutes with Catherine Allard

NAME: Catherine Allard (Cat)
HOMETOWN: Aberdeen. 
OCCUPATION: Full time mum, starting Pt College.

Tell us a bit about yourself:
 I’m 25, been modelling since Jan 2011. Love doing my shoots, have a little boy who is six and he is my whole world, hoping to go to college to do physiology, love fashion, keeping fit and quality time with my son.

What sparked your interest in modelling?

As a teenager I had very low self esteem and always had keen interest in modelling but thought with my height there was no point however after I had my son I thought u only live once and signed up to an online modelling site and was surprised by the response. I love fashion too so that also made my interest in modelling even greater specially after doing my first few fashion shoots. I love both outdoor and studio shoots and different genres of modelling and meeting the togs and being able to put my ideas into a shoot. 

Can you please give an account of your experience in the fashion industry and as a petite model?

I have done numerous shoots now ranging from fashion, fine art, glamour, portrait etc. My height 5'2 stops me from applying for things like runway/catwalk and I feel it’s silly as smaller models can walk down runways just as well as taller models, just wish the modelling world was more balanced but I won’t let my height stop me from doing what i want and love to do. 

Did you face any challenges or setbacks? And if so could you please state what they were?

Yes one agency said the loved my look but I wasn’t tall enough, I think these height requirements are awful and in a way discrimination against petite models, the agencies have given plus size models a chance so why not petite models? Very frustrating!

How did you overcome these challenges/setbacks?

 I overcame them by believing what’s for you won’t go by you and at the time I was upset but then i got angry and that’s when I really began to feel strongly about how much the fashion world is sending out the wrong image to young girls and it needs to change.

Can you please give your opinion on the strict requirements that are present throughout the fashion industry (for example, height, weight and body shape)? 

:I think it is very unfair and unrealistic to show images of size zero 6ft tall models who most women cant relate too. Also in every magazine nowadays there are really skinny models and it’s not good for young girls to think this is beautiful and then they end up with eating disorders. The fashion/modelling world needs a big wakeup call its 2011.

Why do you feel that it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
I feel its very important to lead a healthy lifestyle as I truly believe a healthy body equals healthy mind, its about everything in moderation and not depriving yourself, eating healthily is very important but allowing yourself a treat now and then because if you don’t from my own experience you end up secretly binge eating which isn’t good so everything in moderation. Keeping fit by doing a sport or going to the gym, I love dancing and even just 45mins dancing round my living room, is a good workout. If you can maintain an active, healthy lifestyle it will make you feel better in mind and body and give u a confidence boost.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

simply I think the modelling/fashion world need to have a major think about the images they portray as beautiful and how that affects young girls, how long can this size zero go on? curves r so much nicer and healthier and feel they should think about not just changing the height requirements but getting rid of it all together, beauty comes in many different shapes, sizes ,colours. Really glad I joined Perfectly Petite as I’ve always felt petite models get the short straw and I’ve received knock backs due to my height and I’m sure there will be more but it’s how we deal with them, it made me all the more stronger and I look forward to helping out and spreading the word and look forward to the day when the modelling world listen and things change but I’ll keep modelling and hope that day comes soon. 

Thank you Catherine.

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